Review Of The Planning Dirty Academy – Louis Camassa

Review Of The Planning Dirty Academy – Louis Camassa

And I went in and pitched the client, went through the whole deck frameworks and everything, and they signed on and it was a pretty large deal for me. I think one of my largest deals it’s multi six-figure deal.

Welcome, Louis. So good to have you here. Firstly, we’d love to hear about your background of joining the academy. Where were you? What were you looking to get out of it?

Yeah, absolutely happy to be here. I exited by technology business a few years ago. And after exiting that business, I decided to get into consultancy work. Branding and marketing, and I found a really experienced mentor to help me start the agency. You get everything going, but I didn’t have his years of experience.

You have 20 years of experience working with some really large brands, apple and Disney and Microsoft. And I didn’t have that experience and yes, he was helping me, but being ambitious, I wanted to learn on my own and develop my own systems and processes. So I started of course, on Google, looking for resources, trying to find frameworks and tutorials and download so many books, eBooks and watch so many videos.

And I think finally it was kind of at the end of that search, I was frustrated because I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. And then I came across one of your videos. And it was explaining brand strategy and it just resonated. I’m like I got sign up for this. I go to the academy I signed up and what I did is I downloaded the first, probably three or four courses and I started watching them and going through them.

And then I found this treasure trove of templates and frameworks. And that’s when the light bulb really went off because I was working on a proposal for a client. And it was this long deck I have with all these different, really large tech verbose texts. They slides like, I need a better way to communicate this.

And I need a visual. I just couldn’t like get our designer creative team to create the visual I needed it wasn’t until I downloaded that frameworks templates in the resource section that the light bulb went off. And then I had everything. I needed a size I’ve used some of those frameworks I plugged them into and I took out all the texts out of those slides in that presentation.

And I plugged those frameworks in that you have to kind of tweak them a little bit to match our style. And like instantly, I just like a whole weight came off my back. So I felt good about the presentation. I slimmed it down. I got rid of all those text heavy and proposed slides and made it more streamlined.

And I think more visually appealing because now you can see it and you still have to read it. And that gave me the confidence to go. And my mentor was excited because he saw me confident and excited. And I went in and pitched the client, went through the whole deck with frameworks and everything, and they signed off.

It was a pretty large deal for me. I think one of my largest deals. Yeah. Multi-six figure deal. And it was just transformative and, and being able to have the confidence to go in and feel like I knew what I was doing. And then the client agreed. Cause I. On the check. I think that’s what got me started.

Excellent. Thank you so much. That’s a great story. And I’m glad I could help that much. So, yeah. Thanks. Thanks, Louis. Yeah, it means a lot. Thank you.

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