Review of the Planning Dirty Academy Community


It’s not the things you don’t want. It’s the people you talk to. One of the biggest benefits of joining the Planning Dirty Academy is the community. The academy is more than just lessons and resources. It’s an opportunity to connect and learn from other strategists and that’s something money can’t buy.

When you sign up to the Planning Dirty Academy, you get access to the private Facebook group and private workshops. We have over 500 strategists in there who are all looking to help each other out.

Many groups and also LinkedIn network helps a lot to get decks to get resources. But what you oddly get is people to talk about those resources with. To check your understanding, to check your use of the tools, or even just to share ideas. So this kind of professionally driven, but not professionally risky community is the most valuable take from the academy. – Giovanna Vivoli

As Gio said, what makes the difference from other groups online is the privacy. It gives people the chance to ask questions that they would not normally feel comfortable asking in public with potentially their coworkers or bosses peering in on them.

Actually, the communities that I do, I think has been really amazing. You get to have like feedback loops with people from different strategy backgrounds. And it’s just a really nice forum to do that in. I found that like hugely helpful in terms of building the community and meeting new people and like a voice being really on hinged year. – Katie hughes

The big thing for me is that you can rate the theory, but putting it into practice and getting that feedback is how you really grow as a strategist. I want everyone to feel comfortable in the community and be able to get access to that feedback. So I even created the anonymous strategy postbox, where you can send me an email with your strategy documents, and then I will post them on behalf anonymously for you.

This also gives you the opportunity to see how other people attack strategy problems. We rarely get to see other people’s strategy and this helps improve your own stuff.

Maybe you don’t do. Any of the actual curriculum that alone is just worth it in my book because you know, I am bouncing ideas off of, you know, Julian Cole, you know, the advice is going to be solid. You don’t get that very often to have someone who is one of the more renowned people in the business to give you their undivided attention. – Garett Levy

Personally, I make sure that I respond to every comment in the community. So you know that your request will at least get an answer from me within 24 hours. I hope that makes sense.

And if you’ve got any questions about the Academy, feel free to give me an email atjulianwcoleatgmail.com.

Need to wait for finding France in your advertising community to share ideas freely.

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