Review Of The Planning Dirty Academy – Stewart Steel

Review Of The Planning Dirty Academy
with Stewart Steel

And it was almost like having a 0.5 of a person on the team just to bounce ideas off and refer to.

Welcome, thank you so much, Stuart, for being here. And we probably got one of the youngest members of the planning dirty academy, Charlie here, Stewart’s new, baby. So thank you so much for coming along.

I just wanted to give people a couple of ideas. What the Academy’s about. So I’d love to hear your background of why you joined the academy and what was going through your head and what were you trying to solve at the time

When I joined the academy, I was promoted to strategy director, I’m good. I was previously a digital director, and due to restructuring, it was to stretch it to the director role. So running a strategy team, just felt that I don’t have all the answers. My team doesn’t have all the answers. And it was almost like having a 0.5 of a person on the team just to bounce ideas off and refer to even just looking through the material and some of the ideas and some of the thoughts, some of which I don’t, but it was useful just to align my thinking of another point of view have resources if we’re in a pinch. And that was really the rationale behind getting into it. It was just having almost another member of the team there really.

In particular, what was the kind of content or what were the pieces specific piece of content where you’re like, yes, this is really helpful and this was what we’re looking for?

I think somebody who had been strategic, but not necessarily fitting into the strategy role today, could be strategic to some level. And I love the framework so useful just to try and organize thoughts in such a way that gives you a direction. I have a lot of ideas and the team have a lot of ideas.

And at some point, you’ve got still that a framework can help that the framework is only. It’s just that it doesn’t generally ideas. It doesn’t generate insight, but it just gives you some structure. And I like a little bit of structure. And again, rather than reinventing the wheel, taking something off the shelf, using it, modifying it on purpose, and then get the results that we needed from it.

Right. But like day to day, how’s it helped now in the business and what you’re doing?

From the day-to-day point of view, there’s no just go-to is as to how to best practice. And that’s the thing that’s important. So again, it was. What we needed to do quite quickly as this new team, a new way of working was trying to work with each other rather than trying to find ways to work.

So what the, what the frameworks help to do, and the lessons helped to do as you saw the framework, you then go some int eh, Some practical application, so the frameworks could get used or they read took that. And then we use that as a basis, as I say, sometimes we’ve adopted, adapted them. We’ve changed them a little bit, some of which don’t work some of which do.

And that’s all good, but it’s, it’s more about having another point of view. Again, it doesn’t generate the ideas that have spent more time thinking about the ideas. Because we’ll go through frameworks rather than having to go home. We’re going to organize this. So it’s been useful on a day to day level, but from that point on.

Excellent. And then finally, where do you think would the academy be grateful? It’s a specific type of person. This was great about the academy. I’ve recommended it to people who have just started out in the academia. I am pretty old and I find it really useful. I think if you’re curious, If you’re wanting to continually lay down and push yourself and understand more.

I do think it’s for everybody, which is not necessarily the best answer, but I think I find it. You just want to know the other members of the team of finding yourself, okay. Management teams have find it useful. There’s no one person because the content, if you’re curious and want to lay on and challenge yourself, Yeah.

And also be a wee bit lazy. I don’t even mind that. I think as you can be a little bit lazy and just go, you know what that’ll do, that’ll work. And occasionally we’ve had a client go, can we talk about brand archetypes, which we don’t use and I’ve, we’ve got on. And I knew there was a trusted source that I can get some ideas in that.

And again, we will not, I’m not a big fan about blend architects. But the client went to get some information. We hired a rabbit job better. We don’t use them anymore. All that. Stuff’s great. So I think it’s for people who want to push themselves, you’ve got to take all the value that it’s got and use it for yourself.

But for me, it’s been a little bit, really? Yeah. That’s great. I’m glad it’s working for everyone too. And that makes me happy to hear that. And then finally, is there anything else that you think people who are kind of on the fence about should know about the academy? I think as ever, it’s not the things you don’t, it’s the people you talk to.

I think that’s thing. Well, the Academy’s got a lot of things to look at and I look to don’t look to as somebody who is confident in a lot of ways, not necessarily untrue from sales, but unsure of the path and just trying to make sure that they’re going in the right direction. Talking to people, hearing that people go to the same problems.

The thing that was really been of value to me is the groups, the bonding questions have been undoubtedly worth. Every penny and more it’s been meeting some really interesting people are brought in by network. I am in all of the peoples. On the zooms with, and it’s just made me a better strategist because I can see other points of view people work.

Where’s the, I don’t even, I couldn’t do wouldn’t want to do, but I’m really interested in seeing how they do it because it just enriches my background. So I think. As an academy, it’s not doing work place. You’re doing meet people in a third academy is about meeting other people and broadening your horizons.

It’s not just that. It is not just the education that you get. It’s the education you get from the other participants on the academy, as valuable as the things that you offer, the downloads and the videos. Excellent.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. And thanks Charlie, you amazingly were nice and quiet.

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