Creative Strategy In Advertising – HP Example


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I’m Julian Cole, and along with the members of the Planning Dirty Academy, we want to break down HPs campaign windows for hope. In this campaign, HP got a group of internationally recognized artists to create downloadable artworks meant to be printed out and displayed in windows.

But firstly, the business context. the printing business is in trouble. Sales of printers have declined 6.3% in 2019. COVID has sent the industry into a nosedive with office printing all, but drawing up the silver lining is the work from home printer market. HP CEO Enrique Lores said the widespread work from home deployment is a significant tailwind for the home printer business. The challenge for advertising is how do you get the work from home crowd to think about buying printers?

Firstly, let’s get a better understanding of the target, right? What you find is that these workers are feeling pushed into this virtual world of back-to-back zoom meetings, which is a massive drag.

Printers have always played an important role of helping escape that virtual drain in that virtual world. They take you back out to the real world and allow you to connect with others. As a strategist, I can attest there’s no better feeling of printing out a deck and sitting down with a partner and writing all over that deck.

That connection to the real world was bigger than just the work environment though. People were craving the connection to others. This was showing up in impromptu concerts games with neighbors and the handmade signs in people’s windows. In these dark times, creativity was bringing us the lot. The window had become a new canvas for connection through creativity.

Working with top artists, they’d found a clear use for the product in helping people connect with their community by printing out posters for windows. HP had a clear role of being able to give people connections back to the real world. And showed the target market the benefits of having a home printer.

This reverse brief came from a weekly work session in the planning dirty Academy. Thanks to Brian Savannah, Lou, Brandon, and Katie for helping to put this all together.

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