How to use the creative brief GET/WHO/TO/BY

The more brief templates I see the more I think the GET/WHO/TO/BY might be the best creative brief going around.

Easily abused but when used right its simplicity and versatility beat every other brief. 

The formula being;

Get – Target consumer

Who – Consumer Problem

To – Desired response 

By – One message/action

As Zac Martin stated ‘creative briefs have to be simple or wonderful, but nothing in-between.’

Retrofitting the latest Spotify work, you can see how you can be simple or wonderful, with examples by Alex Petrescu and I.

If the planner uncovered the insight, life changes but old songs can bring back the same emotions we had 20 years ago.

Then you could write a wonderful brief.

Wonderful brief

GET: Gen Xers music lovers

WHO: think Spotify is a music streaming platform designed for the youth

TO: Reconsider Spotify as a song library for all music listeners, including them

BY: Showing that Spotify allows them to reconnect with good times no matter how much the world may have changed

However, if you didn’t get to the insight then you can still write a simple brief and the creatives could get to the same solution.

Simple brief

GET: Old school music heads

WHO: know Spotify only for new music

TO: See Spotify as a place for all their listening needs 

BY: Letting them know that the bands from the 80s/90s are on Spotify 

Want more?

If you would like to learn how to use the GET/TO/BY, I have got 6 video lessons that go into detail around the creative brief and templates in the Planning Dirty Academy.

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