Creative Brief Example – Hinge Campaign (Design To Be Deleted)

Creative Brief Example
Hinge Campaign (Design To Be Deleted)

Let me show you how to write a creative brief with an example. Okay.

Julian, call a strategy trainer and consultant to leading brands like Facebook, Uber, apple, and Disney on this channel. I want to help you master the fundamentals of strategy. I’m going to show you how to use the creative brief format of the, get who to buy. The brief formula is great because it follows the one rule of creative brief.

They brief, it’s a fill in the blanks type format with four key pieces, the get the consumer target, the who, the consumer problem, the, to the consumer goal, the buy the single-minded proposition. So let’s look at the spot for dating app hinge and then break down.

Hinge wants you to meet someone great.

Even if it kills us,

because when you find the real thing, you won’t need us anymore,

which is kind of the point. Pinch the dating app designed to be deleted. Target was young millennials in capital cities. The problem for this audience was that they saw dating apps as a single person’s merry-go-round the consumer goal that they wanted was to get people, to download the hinge app with the motivation that they could find a partner, the insight being that many think dating apps and platforms are created to make money, not to help them find their dream.

The message that hinge wanted to drive home was that their app was designed to be deleted. If you took any value out of this video, please hit the lock button for the YouTube algorithm, and also subscribe to this channel. If you’re interested in more strategy resources, if you want to learn how to write a creative brief, then check out my video with an example from seamless.

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