Creative Brief Example – Cheetos

Creative Brief Example

Let me show you how to write a creative brief with an example from Cheetos..

The brief formula. We want to set up a consumer problem that our product can help address in the ad for Cheetos. We see that their new product is a great solution for a common problem. With the creative brief formula, it’s a fill in the blanks formula with the get being the consumer target the who being the consumer problem.

The two being the consumer goal and the, by being the single-minded message. My name is Julian Cole, a strategy trainer and consultant to leading brands like Facebook, Uber, apple, and Disney on this channel. I want to help you master the fundamentals of strategy. So let’s look at the super bowl spot for Cheetos, starring MC hammer, and then break it down.

The brief cheetahs has popcorn now. Hey, I’m going to need you to. Nevermind. Can’t touch this. Can’t touch this. Can’t touch this. Can’t touch this. I trust you. Stop hammer time. I touched it. New Cheetos. Popcorn is a Cheetos, right? So the target for this ad was gen Z snackers. Their problem was that they’re pressured to optimize every minute.

There is this hustle, every minute message that they’re being told in the spot. We see our protagonist being asked to help move. Help spot a friend help look after baby while they’re trying to enjoy their snack. The consumer goal was that they would eat Cheetos popcorn when they needed a time out. The insight, being that in an efficiency driven multitasking world, having Cheetos dust forces you to do nothing but enjoy the snack.

The message the Cheetos wanted to drive home was that Cheetos dust is the perfect alibi for doing nothing else. We see this when he raises his hands and shows the Cheetos dust, stopping him from doing anything. If you took any value out of this video, please hit the like button for the YouTube algorithm, and also subscribe to this channel.

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