On the latest Sweathead podcast Mark Pollard and I talk through the basics of comms planning using the ClassPass positioning examples.

The most important question for marketers to ask of the media plan is ‘How did the idea inform this media strategy?

Previously I showed the smart comms planning of S’well to buy media where people were using excessive single-use plastics on bins in front of coffee shops.

Now I want to show you how to go from a brand positioning/idea to inform a media plan in three steps.

1. Ask what the idea is solving for? Solution to…

2. Question the extremes; what environments makes a lot of sense/no sense for this idea?

3. What times, media touchpoints, people, and partnerships surround these environments? 

ClassPass Example

Hannah Molly Baker was nice enough to share the three positioning statements ClassPass tested. We took the first two and used them to inform the foundations of a comms plan.

Positioning 1: Your Day, Every Day (Variety) 

ClassPass enhances fitness routines with its sheer amount of options. Not only are there thousands of studios and genres to choose from, but there are niche classes with each genre. Basically, you’ll never be bored when working out.

1. The solution to boredom with the same routine. 

2. How do we show up where people are bored with doing the same? Where do we show up where they’re most excited with new workouts? 

3. New exercise trends (Brrrn -Cold Temperature Workout), traditional gym ads, most popular workout routine videos on youtube, antithesis – celebrities who’ve had the same boring routine their who life (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Positioning 2: Find Your Thing (Discovery) 

The variety available on ClassPass doesn’t just provide options, it provides opportunities (to get moving*). Chances to explore, to play to try something completely new, all by scrolling through workouts on one, single app.

1. The solution to getting you moving in different ways

2. How do we show up where people are not moving? Where do we show up when they feel the good effect of moving?

3. Sitting at desk media (display and mobile), repeatable commuting media (OOH and subway ads), sponsorship of new fitness routines (Everlasting), partner with Marathons/Tough Mudder events to find the people who are signing up for their first time.

* We pulled the moving concept from one of their ad copy lines.

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