10 Creative Briefs of Super Bowl 2020

Based on what was public, Michael GoldsteinKristian Henschel, and I reversed-engineered the creative briefs for 10 of the best spots from Superbowl 2020. We used the GET/TO/BY brief format.

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Cheetos – Can’t Touch This

Insight: In an efficiency-driven, multitasking world, having ‘Cheeto dust fingers’ forces you to do nothing but enjoy the snack.

Get:  young people who are pressured to optimize every minute

To:  eat Cheetos Popcorn when they need a time out

By:  showing that Cheetos dust is the perfect alibi for doing nothing else

Google – Loretta

Insight: The more Google knows about you the more it can enrich your life.

Get:  web users who are wary of personal data collection

To:  see the positives of data collection

By:  showing that the more Google knows about you the more it can enrich your life

Amazon – Before Alexa

Insight: It’s impossible to appreciate technology until you try it 

Get:  Voice Resisters who believe that life is fine without Alexa

To:  See how Alexa makes life better

By:  Showing you don’t know what you’re missing until you have tried it

SquareSpace – Winona

Insight: It’s only when you create a website that your dream becomes real.

Get:  People with passions who don’t know the value of building a website 

To:  Consider building a website with Squarespace

By:  Showing how any dream can become a reality with a website

Snickers – Fix The World

Insight:  We often point to individuals who act out but now it feels like the whole world is. 

Get:  all snackers who are feeling unsatisfied with the direction the world is going

To:  see that snickers is the bar that satisfies

By:  showing them that snickers is the antidote to the world’s hangry

Michelob 6 For 6 Pack

Insight:  America is the driver of the organic movement but only 1% of farmland in America is organic

Get:  environmentally conscious beer drinkers that want to make an impact

To:  buy a 6 pack of Michelob Ultra Pure Gold

By:  showing that every purchase of Pure Gold helps grow organic farming in America 

Dashlane – Password

Insight:  We rely on computers to remember everything but with passwords the onus is on us

Get:  people who are frustrated memorizing passwords 

To:   see Dashlane as the ticket out of password purgatory

By:  reminding people of the trauma of forgetting your password

Michelob Ultra – Jimmy Work It Out

Insight:  Working out is seen as a chore rather than something rewarding

Get:  beer drinkers who see working out as a chore

To:  see Michelob Ultra as the embodiment of fun fitness 

By:  showing that with a different mindset working out can be fun 

Heinz – Find The Goodness

Insight:  No matter how daunting the situation, we take comfort in familiarity 

Get: People who are exposed to new and diverse cuisines 

To:   Add Heinz 

By:  Showing that even the most daunting situation, becomes comfortable with Heinz

Coca-Cola Energy – Show Up

Insight:  It feels like we’ve got more activities than energy

Get:  Super Bowl Revellers who have full social calendars but no energy

To:  see Coca-Cola Energy as the drink that allows them to show up

By:  reminding them that not showing up is letting down those that you count on

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