The Risky Business of BBDO

We ask our clients every day to take creative risks.

To trust that we know what we are doing.

We’re disappointed when they go the safe option or try and take the edge out of the brief.

But, how often do we ask the agency to take a risk? A shot in the dark. A step in the unknown. 

About 3 months ago I got to ask that question of BBDO.

We went to senior leadership with an idea to start animal towel brand online, Terrie.

A risk that they took.

They trusted in the idea and the people and took the risk.

I could tell you about the multiple data sources that backed this idea but, it still doesn’t get away from the fact that this is a risk.

So, we just launched Terrie in 100 days from sign off to first sale. We learned about manufacturing, used the agency in new ways and got a boatload of learnings on mobile commerce that we’ll share with you in the coming weeks.

I feel bloody lucky to work at a place that walks the walk.

More importantly, If you have a friend who loves Pandas or Sharks, why not risk a random present and buy them a towel! You can use my cheeky discount code ‘RISKINGIT’ for 30% off… 😉

And now a shot from my short lived modeling career.

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