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Get access to world class training in strategy, the same training being taught to leading companies like Facebook, Snap, Best Buy and WPP.

The Planning Dirty Academy is an online course and private community for anyone who wants to transform into a certified strategist.

Benefits of the strategy finishing school

– Gain confidence in your strategic abilities by learning the strategy fundamentals
– Your strategy will become a center piece of the work rather than an afterthought
– Have a bigger impact on your company, learning new strategy skills (Comms Planning, Business Strategy, Management)
– Have a trusted network of strategist you can bounce ideas off with the Planning Dirty Academy Private Community.

Big-t Strategist

Big-t Strategist

The BIG-T Strategist model is the foundation of the Planning Dirty Academy. It is based on the skills that are needed at the three levels of a strategists career (Strategist, Strategy Director, Head of Strategy).

The 12 modules and 80 lessons of the Academy are broken up based on the BIG-T model. After completing the modules;

– You will have learnt all the skills that a strategist must have and be able to apply it to your company context.
– Found new ways that strategy can offer more value to the creative development process at your agency
– What is required to progress to a strategy leadership role


Embark on a fast pace, interactive strategy course.

And the best part?

A live FB Community where strategists, like you, get a chance to ask questions around both, the Academy and individual projects they’re working on.

get certified

One of the benefits of the Strategy Finishing School is that you get certified as a strategist. This certification that is recognized by agencies and clients looking for advertising strategists.

video lessons

3 Pillars of The school


If you suffer from imposter syndrome, you are not alone.

The reason we do is that we’re never given clear expectations of what we need to know. The Planning Dirty Academy addresses this by teaching the fundamentals and laying out the skills you need.  


Your biggest hurdle to growth as a strategists is access to feedback from others.

This is the only way to learn and the private Planning Dirty community offers you this.


You probably don’t have time to do an online course with all your work.

However the Academy is set up to save you time but giving you templates and downloadable decks to make your day easier.


Julian Cole is a strategy consultant to global brands including Apple, Facebook, Disney, Snap and Uber. Previously he’s held the role of Head of Comms Planning at BBDO and BBH in New York.

He’s helped create award winning work for PlayStation, Bacardi, Pepsi, Google and Coca-Cola.

With a void of practical information online, in 2017 he started the Planning Dirty newsletter to share the best tools and resources growing to over 30,000 subscribers. The Academy is the next step in that journey.



Yes you do!

Not only do you get access to the 80+ lessons.

You get access to all the one off templates and decks as well.

If you are a strategist who is currently in the advertising industry (creative/in-house/media/pr/digital/social/design/branding) and looking for a roadmap on how to get to strategy leadership then the academy is for you..

I have broken the lessons into three areas beginner (Junior/Senior Strategist), intermediate (Strategy Directors) and advanced (Heads of Strategy) 

The bullseye is for strategists who have been in their career for 5+ years and have moved into strategy from a different discipline (account/creative/producing) and are looking to quickly skill up on the fundamentals and take a leadership role.

The average company spends $1286 per employee on training (1). In marketing the rule of thumb is that you spend 1-5% of your annual salary on training. If you are not using this opportunity you are limiting your potential.

Training is a massive benefit to companies it helps grow employees, increase their satisfaction and also is a tax deduction for the business.

We have put together a template on how to ask your boss to pay for the Academy.

You will have lifetime access to the Academy.

There is a new lesson in the Academy every 2 weeks, so you will be constantly learning.

There are three ways that you will have access to Julian Cole;

1) Julian checks the private Facebook Group daily and answers all questions. So if you have a question this is the best place to ask as you also get the benefit of all the other strategy minds in the group.

2) On the website Julian will check all the comments and give feedback on exercises, so feel free to ask questions here.

3) You will be able to email Julian directly.

You access the course through this website academy.planningdirty.com.

You will also have access to the special Planning Dirty Academy Drive which has all the presentations and frameworks.

The Academy is a one of payment of $1297. You can also pay in 6 monthly installments of $220. This will give you access to the Academy for life.

It is recommended that everyone starts with the Strategy Fundamentals module to get up to speed.

Then it is up to you to go into detail on the different topics.

We will also be going through different modules every month with Q&As on the Facebook Page.

We have a number of companies who do this as a group.

If you are interested in a office plan, get in touch – julian@planningdirty.com