Sister Wendy your new planning idol

In a dark YouTube hole one night, I found my new planning idol.

She speaks to the art of planning, without ever mentioning the word “data inspired integrated creative platform.”

I learned a thing or two from the oracle of art.

  1. She takes the pretentiousness of art and gives it a swift kick up the arse.

Like art, strategy can feel like a very pretentious pursuit jam-packed with business jargon.

Not Wendy, she breaks it all down and makes it simple.

2. Doesn’t hide her enthusiasm

She gets super excited about some artwork and lets you know that she is very happy. Her excitement is infectious. Never mute that passion for the work in front of a client.

3. She answers the dumb questions you’re too afraid to ask

Looking at paintings can be really intimidating. How long are you meant to be looking? What am I supposed to be looking at? We often assume clients know it all, they probably don’t.

4. Doesn’t let her biases get in the way

She’s a nun but this ain’t no religious art show. We don’t have to be the target demo to plan.

5. She gets out and amongst it

She understands the background by being out in the field.

Ever wondered who are those people that comment, “thanks for uploading”. You’re looking at one.

Below is a link to the full BBC series, which is clearly really good!

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