Planners Need To Plan Less And Sell More

We spend a lot of time speaking about planners craft of getting to a great strategy or brief. However little is talked about the other side of a great planner. The ability to sell the shit out of work with conviction. Taking your skills away from the safety of Powerpoint and into a client’s text messages.

We need to hear the story of that award winning idea that the planner helped save by knowing it was the right time to text the client a reminder that this would be the 4th round of ‘on brief’ creative that they would kill.

How they got the knowledge to know which client to approach in the hallway after the meeting because they don’t need to wait for the official feedback meeting.

That they purposely leaked the ideas to the day-to-day client as they know that the positive momentum with a senior client’s own team will make or break an idea.

That they got the social platform to co-present because they knew that held weight in the client’s eyes.

We should teach planners the art of getting their hands dirty in the selling of ideas, otherwise we risk getting planners perfecting the art of Ted Royer’s Step Back Planning.

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