Learn From 10 Award Winning Strategy Case Studies (Apple, Under Armour, Seamless, Guinness, Oreo)

I find it useful as a planner to be able to see the strategy that led to iconic creative work. That’s why I over the years I have collected the insights and strategy for the most iconic work. I thought I would pass on the papers that I thought were the best (UnderArmour – I Will, REI – OptOuside, Apple – World Gallery, Newcastle Beer – If We Made It, Guinness – Made of More).

This is an abridged version that I took from larger strategy paper write ups of the case studies. As part of my newsletter Planning Dirty, I have compiled the full papers in a Google Folder that you can download.

Question: I’m currently working on version 2 of the best strategy case studies, what case studies would you must like to see?

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