How To Write A Strategy Plan – Example EXTRA Gum Advert For When It’s Time

How To Write A Strategy Plan
Example EXTRA Gum Advert For When It's Time

Let me show you how to write a strategy with an example from extra gum. My name is Julian Cole, a strategy trainer at the planning dirty academy and a strategy consultant to leading brands like Facebook, Uber, Disney, and apple. Subscribe to my channel for more strategy rates.

I’m going to show you how to use the strategy on a page model. It’s called the nesting strategy model because inside the business problem and business goal is the consumer problem and goal. And inside that is the insight and single-minded proposition. So, let me set the context for the business problem during COVID extra gum cells and the whole category had declined by 20.4% with less human interactions because of COVID restrictions.

The business goal was that when COVID lifted, they wanted to see their sales increased by 20% to now let’s look at the spot that they create. We’ve got some big nose this morning. We are back here. That’s right. We can see people again. Can you believe

Looking at the spot, we can see that the consumer problem is that people are worried. They won’t know how to interact when COVID lifts, the insight being you won’t be socially awkward. If the whole world is socially awkward, that left the extra gum with a simple message, showed the joy that trumps fear of the first interaction and how gum can help facilitate.

Creating the consumer goal of people being more excited about face-to-face interactions. I want to learn how to write a creative brief, check out my video on that with an example from saneless. If you’re interested in learning more about what is strategy, check out my other video with examples from Spotify and Snickers.