Creative Strategy In Advertising – Facebook Example


Welcome to planning dirty’s strategy scalpel. Where we dissect the strategy behind the best work. I’m Julian Cole, and along with the members of the Planning Dirty Academy, we want to break down Facebook’s latest campaign for their COVID support.

Firstly, let’s set the context here. The communication challenge is a big one, trying to convince the general public that their original mission of connecting the world is still a vital mission. When people are starting to see it as a veil for a corporate grade. Even when Zuckerberg is donating $40 million, he’s still played with people creating tiktoks about how little he is donating. Into their community health platform COVID support, where users can offer or request help from their neighbors.

Let’s say what they can do with this.

I love this spot. Let’s start sick what is great about the spot? They’ve done an amazing thing here. They’ve put humanity back at the center of the company, taking the word faces and connecting it with hope in humanity. They using associative network theory to create the important link here. The cognitive learning theory suggests that when we think of one object, it will bring up the memory of related terms. Memory is a web of associations, and here they have linked hope with humanity to faces to Facebook. This association plays out in front of us. We start in an isolated world and we end in one connected by faces.

Here are some thoughts from other members of the Academy.

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