Creative Strategy In Advertising – Coles Supermarket Case Study.


One of the hardest things for marketers is balancing the long-term growth versus the short-term. I never thought I’d say this bit, eating mangoes in the surf has proved to be the best example of balancing both in one campaign.

My name is Julian Cole. I’m the founder of the Planning Dirty Academy. And today I want to talk about Australian supermarket chain Coles and their latest campaign value the Australian way.

It’s a great example of a campaign that balances both the long and short-term objectives of advertising for this campaign Cole’s was running advertising. That was very feature-led. They were focusing on cost and price and being the cheapest in the market. Now, this is a great short-term proposition and definitely gets people in the doors.

Anytime that you base anything off a product feature. It is shaky grounds in the long term because someone can come along and undercut you. And that’s exactly what happened to Cole’s. LD came into the market and undercut them on price. And the alternative to messaging about features is to message about the benefit, the hierarchy benefit that your product is delivering.

And that’s exactly what Cole’s did in their latest campaign. The way that we get to the benefit is to firstly, work out what is the problem that the product is solving for? And for calls actually don’t think it was that hard for them to work out. I’m actually living that problem right now. I’ve been in stage four restrictions for over 90 days.

The isolation is a massive problem. And I think for all Australians, they’ve kind of lost a bit of their spirit and the cure for this is socializing. We are a social group of people. We love hanging out with family and friends. And I think the Cole’s understood this. And the smart thing they realized was food plays a very critical role.

Food is the connector that brings people together. And that’s what we see in the ad. They’re showing how food connects everyone. On top of that, they’re showing everyone doing it outdoors, which is exactly where we want to be with family and friends right now. So it was a really smart campaign value for the Australian way, speaks to that higher-order benefit, but also works so they can still speak about their weekly specials and the value they offer to Australians.

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