150+ Innovative Advertising Examples

We’re trying something new, we’re going to give access to 150+ Innovative Advertising Examples Library. It’s our ultimate time saver for finding examples of non traditional creative inspiration.  


As part of creative briefings we are often asked to find examples of inspiration for the type of campaigns we are looking to create. We created one location to put the best examples of innovative advertising from the last 18 month. This has saved us all countless hours in research.

The library is broken up into industry types, we cover 16 verticals (from Alcohol and TV shows to Banking and Healthcare). Here is an example of two of the write ups for DB Export Brewtroleum and KFC’s Colonels Couch.

Each example has a short explanation and then a link to the work. We have made them Google Slides (available in Powerpoint and PDF too) so you can easily take them and put them in your brief. 

Hopefully this will help you save time trawling the internet looking for examples of great branded work. 

Link to the library

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