10 useful free sites for strategists

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I’m collating a list of the most useful non-paid sites for planners. Here’s what planners have submitted at so far; 

The Noun Project – library of icons to make your deck look pro 

Deck Of Brilliance – when you’re stuck for a narrative arc in a presentation

Dollar Street – an intimate look inside peoples homes from around the world 

Moat – a look at the online creative of your competitors 

Toby – a better way for planners to bookmark pages 

ToolboxToolbox – a treasure trove of process docs for workshops 

Brand Actions Library – 180 examples of innovative advertising from the last 12 months 

Unsplash – beautiful free stock photos and 39 Unsplash Alternatives + POC stock photos

Consumer Barometer – Google’s marketing research engine

Canva – For when you need a little bit of photoshop for your deck

If you have any others gems share below! 

Shout out to the following planners who already contributed on the twitter thread@caroletrickey@rhyshillman@MickeyG77@alexjmurrell@NicosDermi@paulmarkbailey@jennytheolin@NicoleIngra@Kayley_A@blamealan@jordanweil@PatrickTrack@JesperNorgaard@jo_bromilow@Whatleydude,@katologic,@zellerevan@NICOLExcellent@andylevis,

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